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Started by zx261242, Jul 01, 2022, 12:30 PM

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From: Mrs.Josephine Frank <[email protected]>
Sent: 29 June 2022 20:46
Ministry of Development,
Economic Analysis and Prospective
935 Pennsylvania Avenue,
NW Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
Client identification code (7640973BN)
Email:: [email protected]

Dear Client

First, I have to tell you that your payment is ready and we have duly perfected all the necessary documentations, approvals and programming for the release of your funds to you through any method of your choice though we would prefer direct wire to your bank account (if any) through Regions Bank,USA but the right to dictate how you wish to receive your funds lies exclusively with you.

We have completed the setting up of your accredited payment access code number, password and client release identification codes. The Inter-Bank Foreign Exchange Authority and funds release authority have completed the allocation of foreign exchange for your Payment.

This office in liaison with the credit department of the Regions Bank have duly set up your accredited payment access code number and password for an uninterruptible access to the telegraphic vault to facilitate a hitch-free release of US$2.500,000 to your account should you choose wire transfer because your country'sCentral bank rules and your bank regulations do not allow or approve of a single wire transfer over $2.500,000.00 to your account without having to present some clearance paperwork after 9/11 (though you can receive your entire funds at once if you choose other means).

As such,a payment of US$2.500,000 wire transfer would be made to your account without any problem. Your number is MEAP/764BN/PAY#0973D90584530BN and your password is 913BNY.

All that is remaining now is for an accredited attorney from the legal department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Ministère del'Economie et des Finances) to perfect a release order,sign on your behalf to undo the indivisible bond release bonding your funds through legal means and as such, you will no longer need all the clearance paperwork to unbind your funds or any kind of unending bureaucratic bottlenecks of you fund $2.500,000 wire transfer does not attract any penalty or demand for terrorism clearance in international banking operation.

After the process, you will no longer need all the clearance paperwork.You are required to send immediately the sum of US$79 for the lawyers' legal fees and sundries so that the lawyer can complete the process, sign the release order to free your funds including to unbind your funds for the release of the wire transfer to your account depending on what and how you
want to receive your funds.

Send the fee $79.00 by Steam wallet card OR itunes card OR Apple gift card OR by Bitcoin.

The United Nations observers and ECOWAS are monitoring the entire process and have made it possible for you to get your funds with only the payment of $79. Do not forget that all the past officials that tried to pay you failed because of massive corruption.So incompetence and corruption will no longer be tolerated.


Mrs.Josephine Frank
Honourable Minister of Development,
Economic Analysis and Prospective
Email:: [email protected]