Mrs Eden Victor Scammer

Started by Smith, Sep 10, 2022, 01:01 PM

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From: Mrs Eden Victor <[email protected]>
Sent: 09 September 2022 17:36
Hi  God bless

Kindly note that  you  are not going to spend  your money or pay  any fee from your pocket  to get this transaction done. I will take care of the  fees.Because they
are many evil once ,deceiving people with their emails sent and I was a victim of such.So do not afriad.
My name is Eden Victor,am 71 years.I have serious covid 19 serious negative infections and also  Am  undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatment
 for Lung cancer, which affected my  Lungs and the doctors said I have few days to live because of the cancer.

 Am contacting you because my late husband left twenty Million, dollars in finance house under my care which I want you to receive
 as my beneficiary, so that you can invest part of the fund and use 20% of the profits which you will get from the investment yearly  to help the needy and  sick people yearly. Or you can help the needy and the sick with the fund,if you can not invest the funds. And I accept that 40% of the fund should be yours,so that you can happily carry out my last wishes.
 If you have the leading to help the needy,motherless, less privileged and widows within your locations and other places as my last wishes.
 Please confirm and reply so that the funds can be transfer to you.And I will
 inform my Bank through my lawyer in writing to transfer the fund to you as my Next of Kin and Sole Beneficiary,to carry out my last wishes.
Also send me your full names, email address and cell phone number and physical address and your location.Please will like to know your occupation.
 Reply,to my email address:  [email protected]
 God bless you.
 Mrs  Eden Victor