Mrs Katrina Sharkey Scammer - [email protected]

Started by Roses85, Sep 18, 2022, 10:12 PM

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From: Mrs.Katrina Sharkey <[email protected]>
Sent: 15 September 2022 19:38
Subject: Waiting Your vital Response
  Attn Dear

Notification from International Monetary Funds. My name is Mrs.Katrina Sharkey, World Bank Country Manager and also Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) . I am writing on behalf of (IMF) and World Bank to inform you the arrangement of getting your funds $3.700,000.00 US Dollars, was not clear because of difficulties with authorities.

Your Funds delivery arrangement does not any more allowed by such company mention bellow ( Western Union Money Transfer or Money-Gram Money Transfer or Courier Delivery Company) The
International Monetary Funds and Lawyer's Chamber have cancelled those company because of their disappointment, they are not any more in-charge of your Funds $3.700,000.00 US Dollars and your Funds is not any more in their control.Please stop contact with them.

We have booked the payment assignment with the Central Bank to start depositing the funds in your account directly, due to the large amount involved. The International Monetary Funds (IMF) & Lawyer's Chamber have arrange to pay you the total funds with help of WORLD BANK and to make sure that you have the total funds in your account by receiving $48,000.00 US Dollars daily each payment and as of now you are free to have the funds into your account and because of the large amount involve you will be receiving $48,000.00 US Dollars on each transfer to avoid difficulties with the Authorities.

We have now track with CENTRAL BANK and they told us that the payment will start as soon as possible after renewing the payments files, to renew the payment files and non- Africa Residency VAT will cost you only $68 after that we shall obtain the DEPOSIT FORM to get the fund to your account direct.Meanwhile the $68 is the only cost you will pay to renew the payment file to enable us obtain CENTRAL BANK DEPOSIT FORM to have the Funds Deposit into your account direct, each transfer will clear into your account within 12 hours after payment. Remember that you will receive $68,000.00 daily until we pay you the total Funds in full. The installment payment $48,000.00 will soon be in your account,you just try to send the required $68.00 Dollars urgent for the renew to enable us obtain the CENTRAL BANK DEPOSIT FORM which I
will be used to deposit the funds into your account directly.

Here is receiver's information to send the required $68.00 Dollars through Western Union or RIA Money Transfer Only, Note,if you have been blocked by sending out Money either by western union, Ria or Money Gram you can go to any Apple store close to your home address and buy an iTunes card of $68 scratch it and send me the Photo of the card okay.

Please You have to buy a Single $68 Steam Wallet Card or Google play card or ITunes Card OR Bitcoin so that we can commence with the delivery to your home address.

We hope your immediate positive response with payment details or payment slip attachment once you make the payment to enable a speedy shipment of your Check to your home address.

Waiting Your vital Response

Mrs.Katrina Sharkey
World Bank Country Manager & Director Benin International Monetary Fund (IMF)