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Started by 1span, Nov 22, 2022, 09:56 PM

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I havent had an email scam like this one for a while......

From: Agent Kerry Castellino <[email protected]>
Sent: 22 November 2022 21:25
                        JFK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT  JAMAICA, NEW YORK 11430

We, office of the international police authority (IPA) hereby write to inform you that we caught a diplomatic lady by the name Mrs. Susan Smith at (John F Kennedy International Airport) here in New York with a consignment box filled with United States Dollars.

Base on our interview to the diplomat she said that the consignment box belongs to you and that she was sent by one Mary Raymond to come deliver the consignment box to your doorstep not knowing that the content of the box is money.

Now, the diplomat is under detention in the office of (IPA) security,and we cannot release her until we carry out our proper investigation on how this huge amount of
money managed to be yours. So, in this regards you are to reassure and prove to us that the money you are about to receive is legal by sending us the Award Ownership
showing that the money is not illegal.

Note, that the Award Ownership Certificate must to be secured from the office of the Nigerian Senate President, because that is the only office that will issue you the
original Award Ownership Certificate of this funds, this is because the fund originated from Nigeria.

You are advised to forward immediately the Award Ownership Certificate if you have it with you, but if you do not have it, we urge you to contact back the sender of
the diplomat to help you secure the Award Ownership Certificate if at all you do not have it.

Below is the contact information of the person that sent  Mrs. Susan Smith as provide by her;

Name: :Mary Raymond
Email:([email protected])

Furthermore, we are giving you only but 3 working business days to forward the requested Award Ownership Certificate. Please note that we shall get back to you after
the 3 working business days, that if you didn?t come up with the certificate we shall confiscate the funds into World Bank account then charge you for money
laundering, but if you forward the Award Ownership Certificate then we will release diplomat with your consignment box also gives you every back up on the money.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation

Yours Truly,
Agent Kerry  Castellino

So I emailed Mary Raymond and received this response:

From: Mary Raymond <[email protected]>
Sent: 22 November 2022 22:20
Subject: Re:


I just received your email, I am surprise to hear that you are yet to
receive your package this is because it has been about days now that
Mrs. Susan Smith  departed with it to meet. I am also surprised you
said you do not have the Award Ownership Certificate because you
ought to have it. Mrs. Susan Smith  has all other documents with her
except the Award Ownership Certificate being asked for. I think you
should know how I got involved in this.

I am a Portuguese citizen and area manager administration of EDUARDO
Nigerian government consulted my company on how best to pay
beneficiaries whom have not yet received their fund. After due
investigations and observations by the management of EDUARDO
out that most beneficiaries always have problems receiving their cash
through wire transfer due to one hidden fee or the other, ATM cards
are issued in Nigeria cannot work in America or any other part of the
world and most checks are intercepted before they reach their
destination. We then advised them to pay through diplomatic means.

They the Nigerian government in conjunction with the Central Bank of
Nigeria then came back to us in Portugal and contracted our company to
come down to Nigeria to handle this in other to ensure transparency.

I.came into Nigeria some days ago and your name was among those that
are yet to receive your fund and have completed all process of
receiving it diplomatically. Your name and that of others are among
the name.that were to be paid,believing that you are aware and
expecting the money, I dispatched how I got involved in this to come
deliver yours..Other beneficiaries has received their own easy as most
of them have the Award Ownership Certificate If you don't have this
certificate,.then  it will have to be issued by the office of the
Nigerian senate president since  it is not my office that do issue it.

I will advise you come down to Nigeria immediately to  inquire and
obtain the certificate, but in a situation that you cannot come, then
you have to give me the permission to go there on your behalf and
inquire from them what it takes to get certificate. I want you to send
me  your driving license or international passport and your cell phone number


God bless you and your family.

Mary Rayond