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Started by Roses85, Nov 29, 2022, 10:18 PM

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From: Mr.John onyeka <[email protected]>
Sent: 29 November 2022 11:38
Subject: Good Morning
Good Morning;

How are you doing today  together with your family I hope all is well?
I will love to explain you my self name is Mr.George  Peter John am a
Manager of Eco Bank western union Benin Republic. I have already work
for this office for good 11 years. Yes is true that we transfer your
first payment
of $5000.00 below is the MTCN: 369 329 8498

Sender: Rebecca J Cliford
Question: Best Color
Answer: Green
Amount: $5,000
MTCN: MTCN: 369 329 8498

but  due to IMF Benin they put the funds on hold till you obtain IRS
papers work from the office to proof that you are owner of this
$4.8Millions. So that you will be allow to start picking up the funds
every day till you complete receive the total $4.8M.

I have confirm from they General Manager of IRS Benin Hon Frank Jerry
O.O.N  that to obtain the papers and stamp it by US Embassy will cost
you only sum of $75.00 so that you will be allow to pickup the money
and I will give you the remain information  like  senders name Test
Question and Answers.

So I will be advice you to copy below information and run to western
union or Money Gram and send the $75.00 and update me with the payment
information so that I will pay IRS and obtain the papers, work.
Below is the receiver information where to send the needed fee down to
Benin Republic

Receiver's Data / information: via Western Union Money Gram and Ria
Money transfer allow to send it down to Benin Republic to obtain the
needed papers work to complete the transfer.

Receivers Name:MARK EJIOFOR
City Location: Cotonou
Country: Benin
Question: God
Answer:  Bless
Amount::: $75.00
Sender s Name

Thank You
And God Bless you
Mr. George Peter John am a Manager of Eco Bank Western Union.
Phone +
[email protected]