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Started by zx261242, May 13, 2022, 11:20 PM

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From: Joseph Mathay <[email protected]>
Sent: 16 October 2021 23:57
Greetings From The Illuminati Order. Bringing the poor, the needy and the talented to the limelight of fame, riches, power and security.
Do you want to change your life completely for good and wish to be rich and successful in your business? Are you talented and wish to be famous? Do you want to be protected spiritually and physically. All these and more you will get in a twinkle of an eye when you join the great Illuminati Order. As a new member, you are also entitled to a financial donation of Five hundred thousand U.S Dollars. Do you agree to be a member of the Illuminati New World order? Reply YES! via email: [email protected]
NOTE: Direct your replies only to the email stated: [email protected]
For more instructions on our membership process.
The Illuminati.

From: The illuminati <[email protected]>
Sent: 23 October 2021 11:52
Subject: Illuminati Membership
We are delighted to have the journey of your life lead you to discover our organization and would like to explain a brief introduction to our fellowship of The Illuminati.
Maybe you've found one of our limbs in the flesh. Or maybe not; we value anonymity, see and know everything exactly as a shepherd sees and knows the whole flock, our eyes scanning the masses to identify any threat to the survival of the human species. We are the bearers of new dawns, the guardians of the human species. We are the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, the Eternal Circle. We are the Illuminati.
The Illuminati is a collective of prominent figures from around the world who have come together to protect human species from extinction. Our members carry the weight of a planet's leadership with the life of 7 billion in their hands. As the human continues to rise above its other animal counterparts, the planet's rule has turned into a daunting task.
Once a member, the requirements are unimpeded and often spaced between many years. Our requests are simple and therefore may be difficult to understand, but disloyalty is not tolerated. You should understand this before moving forward. Members must fulfil their oaths to the Illuminati under all circumstances and recognize that they are only a part of a much larger universal design.
For centuries, our organization has separated individuals from the group's political, financial, or cultural influence and established them as shepherds of the human species. Perhaps you have already proven yourself in these fields. For this, the Illuminati officially congratulate you. your dedication gives hope for the future of the human species.
Hence fort you are advise to keep the content of all our email to you as top secret and confidential to yourself alone in order to avoid drastic turn out by revealing any email of The Illuminati Brotherhood empire. Don't look for that which you can't see.
If you would like to continue your application, start by filling out the form below. It will add you to our list of potential candidates for Illuminati membership. We will contact you if we require more information.
1) Full name: ...........
2) Nationality: .........
3) Home address: ............
4) Telephone number: .............
5) Occupation: ...........
6) Age: ............
Tell us a little about yourself. No dirty game, no human sacrifice and no evil... It's a brotherhood of peace, a great group of illumination Lighting.
We await your quick response.
Peter Rybar
The Illuminati.