Gumtree Work Scam - +66841343389 / +447873208467

Started by henry, Jan 03, 2023, 08:04 PM

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So i got a random WhatsApp message from a unknown number and someone claiming to be a "project manager at gumtree". The scammer goes onto inform me they are recruiting 30 part timers and there are no working hours requirement's.

The full text is below, the WhatsApp name appears to be Donna Natividad Murray and the number used is +66841343389.

Quote"I'm a project manager at Gumtree,
We are currently recruiting 30 part-timers.
There are no working hours requirements. All you need is a smartphone to work.
Daily salary: 150-1200GBP.
You must be at least 23 years old to do this job.
  If you are interested in more details about the job, I will provide the contact information of our marketing specialist later so that you can get in touch with him. "

The Gumtree work scammer then randomly asks if we can communicate in English, i dont understand what language she thought we might be using?!

The scammer then sends me a number of her scammer colleague +447873208467 who goes by the name Giovanni.

So after Giovanni messes around for a minute or two talking absolute bollocks he tells me the following (which is also bollocks):

QuoteOur job is very simple, we only need to help Gumtree's online merchants to complete the published orders to earn income. Our duty is to complete product orders to increase the sales volume of online merchants and the popularity of products. Do you understand?

Followed by this later:

QuoteSimply put, our job is to help merchants increase sales. You need to register your own account, merchants will randomly place orders that need to increase sales on your account, grab orders and complete tasks to earn commissions, do you understand?

Then after i ask how i start my new job, Giovanni the Gumtree scammer sends me this link and this message:

QuoteJust use your phone number to sign up and I'll apply for an internship award for you when you're done

Avast antivirus blocked the link under the phishing category, which i was not surprised about. So i turned my shields off and took a look.

So after about 2 hours of wasting this Gumtree Scammers time and just purposely being awkward i find out what the scam is. The scammer that referred me needs the phone number i signed up with to proceed, obviously i wont give him that as i want to be difficult.

I signed up to the fake Gumtree website, had a look around and to start "working" for these scammers you need to buy credits that the scammers refer to as recharge.

I would say that these scammers do not speak English as their first language, most of the communication with Giovanni is broken English and i noticed lots of mistakes on the scammers fake gumtree website. 

So to recap, the scam is you need to pay money up front and you will unsurprisingly you will never see a return from this so called "work".