DPD Phishing Website and Text Message

Started by 1span, May 16, 2022, 02:58 AM

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I received a text claiming to be from DPD, i was not expecting any parcels so i was about 90% sure it was a scam.

The text message originated from +447488237320 with the following message

DPD: Sorry we missed you, our driver was unable to deliver your parcel. You can reschedule further delivery options by following here dpd.track398.info

The fake DPD text message took me to the DPD phishing website shown below:

The following page instantly asks for personal details

The personal details continued:

Next, the scammers ask for your card details and banking information including sort code and account number

After claiming to take your payment the site informs the user that the parcel is out for delivery.

I heard the sort code and account number is used to identify who you bank with. The scammer has all your personal details, they will call you pretending to be from your bank and inform you they have flagged a suspicious card transaction for DPD for example.

The scammer will then talk the victim into transferring all the money to a "safe" account. This is the scammers bank account or someone they know.

Realistically the bank does not have to refund the victim as they willingly transferred all their money to the scammer.

It falls under the discretion of the bank whether they would refund it.