Royal Mail / Post Office Phishing Website Examples

Started by IHateScams, May 20, 2022, 09:06 AM

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I have recently been getting quite a few Royal Mail / Post Office phishing attempts. Typically in my case, they always start with a text message.

Fake Royal Mail site 1:

The first page informs the victim they have missed a delivery

The second page of the Post Office phishing site claims to find your parcel that does not exist and would like your name, address, etc.

The third page informs the victim that the parcel has been found and would like some of your personal information such as DOB and telephone number.

Next the fake Royal Mail site asks the user to pick a new redelivery date

Page 5 of the phishing site asks the user for card details

The final page confirms the redelivery

Now the scammer has all your details and they will be used to target you with more scams in the near future.

Royal Mail Phishing Site 2

This next Royal Mail phishing site example is older than the previous one but is very similar. All these phishing sites serve one purpose of extracting details from users to scam them.

The first page of the Post Office phishing website asks the user to confirm the postcode

The next page of the Royal Mail phishing site requires the users personal information

The following page asks the user for his DOB and phone number:

This post office phishing website informs the user there is an import charge of £1.99. This is not true.

Next, the fake Royal Mail website would love to take your banking information!!!!

The site claims to be processing your payment:

The fake post office site has now supposedly processed the non-existent payment for your parcel and scheduled the delivery for the parcel that also does not exist

Post Office Phishing Website Example 3

The next Royal Mail phishing website was at This fake post office site follows the same patterns of the previous ones, it serves one purpose of extracting details from victims.

The first page informs the victim of a pending delivery:

The next page asks for personal details:

The third page requires the victims card details:

The final page claims to have processed the payment and the parcel will be sent out soon

Some very useful information for anyone that may be getting scammed by these scumbags. If anyone is unsure if website may be real or a phishing attack, the main give away is the URL on the website.

Its also worth noting that these delivery companies do not charge for a re-delivery and they wouldn't email or text you asking to pay it. In my experience they will always put a card through your letterbox.

Another Post Office phishing text message from UK mobile number +447305009357 (07305009357) telling users the following:

PostOffice: Adam tried to deIiver your parceI yesterday, unfortunateIy no one was in. PIease rearrange a redeIivery via:

As you can see the post office phishing site takes all your important personal details including credit card information.

What happens next is, that the scammer will call you impersonating your bank, and they will inform you they have flagged a suspicious post office transaction on your bank card. Finally, the scammer will talk you into transferring all your money to them.

They normally tell victims they need to transfer it to a "safe account".

This morning I received one of these from +447542341479 and it directed me to a royal mail phishing site. I wasn't 100% sure if it was a fake site but I guess so as it tried to charge me.

PO: Your item has a £1.20 unpaid shipping fee. Please pay this fee now via: or parcel will be returned to sender.

The latest Post Office phishing message is being sent from +447892425082 (07892425082 )with the following message:

Post Office: Your parcel has been redirected to your local branch due to an unpaid shipping fee. To reschedule visit: