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Started by zx261242, May 12, 2022, 11:21 PM

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From: Federal Credit Union Bank USA
Sent: 09 February 2022 21:08
Subject: From Federal Credit Union Bank USA.


Attention; Beneficiary


The management of Federal Credit Union Bank USA is here to remind you that we have given you enough chance to claim your fund value the sum of US$5.5 Million United State Dollars.


Sorry, we have found out that you are no longer interesting to have your fund due to unable to raise the token required charges of $350, For your information, we are using this opportunity to bring to your notice that the World bank governor has instructed us to wave out $300 from the required charges of $350 which was the only fee needed for the release of your fund, therefore, you were only required now to send to us only $50 to enable us finalized on sending your fund to you..


The reasons for this plan is because, the authority has order us to revert all the unclaimed outstanding fund back to Federal Government account after 12th of February 2022, so, we are bringing this to your notice because, anybody who fails to claim he or her own fund before this date, should consider the fund lose,


For your information, this is your opportunity to claim your fund, as you can see now, the charges are less for you to afford, therefore, I will advise you to do everything possible to send the $50 before this chance of some days. But failure to dance to this instruction, our government will seize your fund and you can never receive a penny again.


It is better for you to send the $50 because that is the only delay we are having for now, like I said, and your fund is now ready to be sent to you. Don't lose this chance because, this is the last chance you have to receive your US$5.5Million United State Dollars, please, do everything possible to send this fee beforehand. Listen, as soon as you send it, I am given you every promise that your fund should be credited to you within 24 hours.


Please don't bother to contact me when you know that you cannot afford to send this $50. Just forget about the fund because it should be directed to our government immediately, take note of this.


The ball is in your court now.


A word is enough for a wise.


You can either use "American Express Cards 3779 GOLD Colors" "ITUNES CARDS", "GOOGLE PLAY CARDS", "EBAY CARDS", "STEAM CARDS" modes of payments.


After sending the fee, please confirm this to me immediately.


MTCN NUMBER............

SENDER NAME............




I am waiting to receive the payment confirmation as soon as possible.


Thanks for your kind understanding.




Mrs. Margaret Greyson,

Director General Manager &

Supervision (Federal Credit Union Bank USA)

From: Federal Credit Union Bank USA <[email protected]>
Sent: 12 February 2022 05:52
Subject: Re: From Federal Credit Union Bank USA.

I receiver you email and If you are ready to receive this payment, I will like you to immediately go ahead and make the Payment of $50.00
to enable this Transaction to be finally completed and you will then safely receive your fund.

From: Federal Credit Union Bank USA <[email protected]>
Sent: 14 February 2022 06:48
Subject: Re: From Federal Credit Union Bank USA.
How are you doing today together with your family, this is Mrs. Margaret Greyson, I am here writing to know if you are still with your promised of sending the $50.00 as you promised, Please try to reply this mail to me so that i will know that you are still with your promise.