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Started by zx261242, May 23, 2022, 02:29 PM

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From: Mrs Mary William <[email protected]>
Sent: 17 December 2021 14:41
Subject: Do You Want To Abandon Your Fund..

Attention :,

Please I Have A Question To Ask You Right Now,What Is Your Aim Towards Your Fund Which Has Been Deposited Here For A Long Time Now?.

Do You Want To Abandon Your Fund Here Simple Because Of This Little Charge Which Is Not Up To The Two Percent Of What Is Coming On Your Way? Please What Are Your Reasons for this Abandon since you know that this administrative charge must be paid? I am Asking You These Questions Because Of the Love I Have For You Otherwise I can Not Even Bother To ask You Because It Is Your Fund Not Mine And I Cannot Not Sit Down and Watch You Losing Your Fund Because Of that Little Fee You Suppose To Pay To Receive Your Fund,I just wish you could understand that everything is not all about money,at-least i know that almost every country is suffering the economic meltdown,but if we can posses some certain qualities like trust,honest and understanding among ourselves again,then we should be able to tell the truth with the little we have so that our ways shall be open again for good things to come to us and we will smile again and forget the experience you had with the scam artist in the past.

Please I Need Your Reply As Soon As You Read This Message so that even if you don't have the fee i will know the one you have at hand and the balance i will help you to sort out,but let me make this word clear to you,i don't want you to tell me lies,just go straight and tell me how much you have because i have lived all my life in truth and honest and do not accept to deal with liars,fraudsters and scammers,i have been praying always for you transfer and since the lord has told me to contact and tell you that this is the appointed time for you to receive your fund,i can accept any amount from $50 upwards and i will advise you to always go by the truth because lying may cause a very big delay and you will have nobody to blame.

Let us have this agreement that if you tell the truth and I keep to my promise,the blessings that follow the truth will follow us but if any one of us tells lies,let that person receive the punishment of God,okay? As you read this email,please try to reconfirm your full receivers information so that immediately you send what you have there will be no more delay,and this season will meet you and if you want your USD$2.5 Million be send to you your in good condition.Try to contact us in our direct email address ([email protected])

Thanks And I Pray That This Message Will Merit Your Understanding.

I still remain yours in the lord.
Mrs Mary William