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Started by zx261242, May 23, 2022, 03:28 PM

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From: Mr George Kennedy <[email protected]>
Sent: 05 April 2022 20:08
This is Kennedy Uzoka from UBA, How are you doing today together with your family. I am to inform you we had meeting about the delaying on your ATM CARD delivered and we agree to reduce the fee which keep you delaying to $50 and we want you to please try and understand that we have try to help you by reducing the fee from $100 down to $50 and you have 2days to get the fee ready.

I will advise you to please try all you can to get this fee ready and you are entitled to purchase a steam gift card or iTunes card of $100 and send the copy of the scratch card to me on the email or text message or Whats-app on +1 608 305 481

I will be waiting to hear from you

Remain blessed in God. Yours
Mr George Kennedy