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Started by zx261242, May 23, 2022, 03:37 PM

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From: MRS.ROSEMERY PAUL <[email protected]>
Sent: 16 April 2022 21:09
Subject: Happy Easter Day..


This is to notify all our clients about the latest development concerning all the PAYMENT that are left in our custody. Which yours are inclusive Besides, you were given a High bill to pay for your transfer paper permit of your fund.

in order to receive your PAYMENT of which we didn't hear from you for some times now.Hence,AFRICAN UNION (AU) Head Office has held meeting yesterday been 15TH April 2022 with ( MONEYGRAM OFFICE ) the issue on the meeting is that they now offering a Special Easter Bonus to help all our customers that are abandoned their PAYMENT in our custody due to because of high price.

In order words we are now requesting that those involved should pay only the sum of $49.00. to receive all their PAYMENT abandoned in our custody.

You shall be Received $10,000 in everydays,$5000 from MONEY GRAM OFFICE after 3hours you pick up the first transfer making total $10,000 you shall pick in  everydays, Besides, my dear, this is the opportunity for you and have to comply and your total funds of $10.5million shall be transfer to your destination address before we go on Christmas holidays.

But note that after TODAY till THE (APRIL 20) you did not make the payment of $49.00.then we will divert your funds to the government account to avoid problems or cancel the transaction.

Please,the reason we decided to help all our customers is because you are given a High bill to pay but now those involved should pay only the sum of $49.00.So be advised to send $49.00. immediately if you are still willing to claim your payment so that we will register your payment once we receive the transfer paper permit activation because you will start receiving your payment as from tomorrow morning by 10 am in your Country time. $5000 from western union another second payment of $5000.00 we will be in the afternoon by 3:30 PM making a total of $10,000 you shall pick at once.

After the payment of $49.00. we will give the full information to pick up your first/second payment of $5,000 through Any Branch MONEYGRAM OFFICE In your Country,Send the $49.00 through Gift card an (Google play,iTunes card, steam wallet card, strongroom or eBay) Forward the copy of the card to enable us to pick up the money in this Department office here.

Note: that we do this to help all our customers so don't delay because any delay will make us cancel your payment or divert your payment to a Government account because we don't have such time to delay anymore.

I am looking forward to receiving $49.00.immediately to enable us to give you the full information which you will use to pick up your payment in any MONEY GRAM OFFICE but fail to do so you will lose your payment because you have only this week after that no more.

I wish you good luck and Merry Christmas in advance.
Yours in service